Ignazio Marino, Mario Maio and Colin Presizniuk

Ignazio Marino

Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. Ignazio has been singing and writing songs dating back to who knows when. Most of the songs in the Remnants’ five projects were penned by him. He is relentless with ideas and creating melodies that are nothing short of ear candy. He is not satisfied with writing tunes in only one genre, but rather in a multitude of styles.

Among the nearly 200 songs that he has written, some of them are hit bound and some of them are s–t; however, sooner or later they are all refined and manage to come together. Songs are written on guitar and never ending emotion. Some songs chronicle his life, while others are inspired by what he calls ‘that little voice in all of us’.

Never one to quit, some songs come very quickly to him, while others take months or even years to complete. Ignazio now lives in Italy but never fails to communicate with the boys on a regular basis. Keep those tunes coming dude – and stop annoying Colin about his throttling throat noises….eventually he’s bound to take the hint.


Mario Maio

Vocalist and bassist. A self taught bass player, Mario is also a budding songwriter – and a good one at that. He wrote ‘I Can Hardly Wait for Christmas’ on the album ‘Sea to See.’ Mario is currently one of the bosses in a large plant just outside the city of Edmonton.

Him and Ignazio go back years, and at one time wrote a number of tunes together. During jam sessions, Mario offers great ideas to improve on structure, harmonies, and bass lines. One of his greatest attributes is his patience in solving important issues. He is not satisfied until a song is nailed. His only downside is that sometimes when he’s reading lyrics when singing, he sings words that do not exist on his song sheet.

When asked why that happens, he says (..hell, it sounds better!!). Maybe the lenses should be thicker Mario?? A word of advice bud – pull further to the right on the highway’s shoulder whenever you want to write down ideas for song lyrics….or maybe rather invest in a mini recorder…


Colin Presizniuk

Rhythm guitar, vocalist, and supporter of a very annoying past American president. An original member of Linda and the Rebounds, Mr. C. is the Executive Producer of the Rebound Remnants projects. Without him there is no universe – time and space does not exist.

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest part of his body is his heart…..what were you thinking??Through years of hard work, personal doubts, and hardships, Colin is now retired form his a very successful accounting firm in Edmonton – successful only because he is there to guide it. Colin is a one of a kind individual.

Having said that, he is far from perfect. He snores, talks loud, is hard of hearing, always picks the wrong political party, and consistently clears his throat, earning the nickname ‘Flem King’. We’re all wondering Colin – has it cleared up yet?? Colin penned track 6 on Casablanca – ‘You Got Me Baby.’…a super retro tune.


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