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"7" Outstanding and Memorable Albums

Remember When (2007) Album

The Rebound Remnant’s first album was supposed to be a single song CD, but soon became a complete project.

This CD was inspired by the 34th reunion of Linda and the Rebounds on June 23, 2001, and the eventual passing of Linda a few months later.

The band was very close knit, especially held together by the musical genius of Linda.

She always had the last word – and it always was – the right word. This CD contains the title track ‘Linda’, written in her honor.


I've Got A Secret (2008) Album

The title track of the same name was the band’s second successful project.

The continuance of this – and all other future projects – is mainly due to the insistence and stubbornness of Colin, as he feels the band has too large a song catalogue and should pursue recording them – as he calls it, ‘..a legacy’ project.’

Colin is featured on ‘I Wanna Know’……good job lungs!!!

On track 4 Mario proves that if you get an itch – you have to ‘Scratch It’.

This CD also contains the Remnants first cover tune – ‘Marina’, one of Italy’s most successful hit songs.


Sardegna/Sardinia (Set Sail 2009) Album

Inspired by Ignazio’s desire to move (what??? ….leave the frozen north?) to Sardinia, Italy.

The largest of all the projects so far, this project contains 22 tunes, as well as Ignazio’s first attempt in writing Italian songs (…whoa… six of them) – all bound for number one of course – right Mr. C?

One of the tunes, ‘I Can’t Go On’, is also performed in Italian (Non Si Vive).


Casablanca (2010) Album

The title track, an original song written in the early eighties, finally comes to light in 2010.

Initially inspired by what else – the movie, you fool.

This CD also happens to contain the tune ‘You Got Me Baby,’ Colin’s first hit tune…..and he even sings it……hey guys!!!

It also happens to contain one of the trio’s favorite songs dating back to their original band days – ‘Treat Her Right.’

Ignazio also manages to sneak in two recently written Italian songs. Mario belts out on ‘Higher Power’.


Sea To Sea Album (2011) Album

Probably the best produced CD so far.

Contains more of a blues flavor than previous projects.

With the exception of ‘Jambalaya (on the bayou), Ignazio penned these songs in Italy where he now resides, proving that a good bottle of wine on the beach can be very handy.

Mario records his first song – ‘I Can Hardly Wait for Christmas’…..great stuff Mr. M.

However an ocean apart, the boys continue to communicate, write, and look forward to future projects.

Nothing stops this train.


Life Is A Fantasy (2013) Album

Alright!!! It’s Finally Here.

The Rebound Remnant’s SIXTH ALBUM is ready for your ear.

Great songs from the Remnant rich space of creativity.

No time to relax so full speed ahead and have your neurons set on fire. And remember – Life Was Never Meant To Be Endured, BUT Rather Enjoyed – Because “Life is a Fantasy”!


Crossroads (2016) Album


We have either all been there, or soon will be.

Not all bad though, because where there is doubt – there is choice.

Keeping in mind that the choices we make will define us.

The Rebound Remnants have chosen to dedicate this album to diversity, which clearly defines them.

In addition to their relentless appetite for penning great songs, they have also proven to be an artistic triumph, Ignazio (Iggy), Mario, and Colin – Three Good OL’ Canadian Boys.

Thanks for your Great Contribution To Music.


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Rebound Remnants

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